3D Echocardiography

3D echocardiography allows the whole heart to imaged in real-time. It provides improved images of the heart valves to plan heart surgery and more precise diagnosis of conditions including cardiomyopathy, chemotherapy related heart disease and coronary artery disease.

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Picking the right diet for a healthy heart

This week marked the release of major trial on how diet can influence heart disease (New England Journal, vol. 368, p1279). The headline result of the trial was that a Mediterranean diet can result in a reduction in cardiovascular events like stroke and heart attack. The trial has generated a lot of interest, and as is to be expected, much controversy as well.

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4D Heart Imaging- The Future of Cardiac MRI Assessment

Cardiac MRI is one of the most powerful assessment tools for the heart. MRI technology has dramatically improved over the last few decades, with routine assessment of heart volumes, function and blood flow though non-invasive MRI scanners without the use of harmful radiation

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