Holter Monitors

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A¬†Holter monitor¬†is a battery-operated portable device that continuously records your heart’s electrical activity (ECG/EKG or Electrocardiogram) for 24 to 48 hrs and sometimes for 7 days.

If you experience symptoms such as, dizziness, palpitations, irregular heart beats, fainting, shortness of breath, chest pain. You may need a holter monitor if your doctor thinks there could be a problem with your heart rate or rhythm.



Wear a loose shirt/blouse which will allow the device to be worn more comfortably and discretely. Have a shower or bath prior to your appointment as you will not be able to shower while the monitor is attached. Take your usual medication as usual unless you are told otherwise by your doctor. You should continue with your normal activities of daily living. You will be asked to keep a diary of any symptoms you may experience during the recording period. You can continue with your exercise except for activities that involve water as the monitor is not water proof. You can request for extra electrodes if you feel that your exercise might cause you to perspire excessively causing the electrodes to detach.

There are no risks associated when you have a Holter monitor connected. We use hypoallergenic electrodes although some patients may still get mild skin irritation from the electrodes. If you experience mild skin irritation, you can apply calamine lotion and/or liberal amounts of Sorbolene cream.



Once you return your Holter monitor, it will be analysed and a full report will then be generated. It may take 2-3 days for the results to be finalised. You are advised to arrange a follow up appointment with your Cardiologist or they may call you to convey the results with you. If the request was made by your GP, a report will be sent to them and you should arrange a follow up appointment with them.

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