24 Hour Ambulatory
Blood Pressure Monitoring

With the latest technology and specialists NSW CARDIOLOGY offers advanced live saving procedures

24 hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement allows the accurate diagnosis of hypertension, blood pressure treatment response, diurnal blood pressure variation, episodic hypotension and the evaluation of white-coat hypertension.

A blood pressure cuff is worn for 24hrs to record your blood pressure regularly throughout the day, you are encouraged to continue with your daily activities to ensure to obtain optimum results.

The monitor will automatically inflate every 30 minutes during the day and every hour at night.



You will not be able to shower whilst the device is on as it is not waterproof. You may coordinate showering time, after successful reading of your blood pressure, you can remove for no more than 20 minutes. You may need assistance to reconnect and ensure that the cuff is positioned correctly.

Wear loose sleeved top and continue with your normal activities of daily living, continue with your work and exercise.

You should take all your usual medications.

You will need to record your sleep and awake times and any cardiac medications that you take during the recording period.



A report will be generated and your Cardiologist will discuss the results with you. If you were referred by your GP, a report will be sent to them.

A cost of $100 for the blood pressure monitor is payable on the day and has no Medicare rebate.

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