Cardio-Oncology Referral

    Cardio-oncology consultationEchocardiogram with strain quantificationTrastuzumab echocardiography: (q3 monthly echocardiography. Automatic review if GLS or EF abnormal)Stress EchocardiogramHolter monitor 24 HrAmbulatory blood pressure 24 hr
    Holter monitor 7 dayECGEvent MonitorTransoesophageal echocardiogramStress Electrocardiogram
    Urgent (cardiologist will call to discussSemi Urgent(<3 days)Contact me (SMS) when booking confirmed
    I am registered medical practitioner and I have the patients consent to make this referral.

    NB: This referral form is for AHPRA registered doctors only. It is an offence to incorrectly claim to be a registered medical practitioner

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